Installing Ruby on Rails v4 on Windows or Mac

Before we can get started programming with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, we need to make sure we have all of the different components involved to let us work efficiently and develop applications. This includes not only Ruby and Ruby on Rails but other tools as well. This post goes over what we’ll need to get Ruby and Rails up and running on our system.

Please note: Ruby is a programming language and Ruby on Rails is an Application framework. We will also install some GEM which are libraries for Ruby on Rails.

Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows

Please follow below steps:

  1. Node
  2. RubyOnRails Installer for Windows
  3. Run “Command prompt with Ruby on Rails” and type “gem install rails
    (this will upgrade your Rails to latest version.)
  4. That’s all! You are good to use Ruby on Rails on windows now.

Please note, do not install Ruby version 2.0.x, since it seems to face lots of issues.

Installing Ruby on Rails on MAC

  1. Opem Terminal / Commandline in MAC and type: ruby -v to check your current ruby version
  2. Install Xcode for MAX OSX (Look for “Command line tool for Xcode”): Xcode
  3. In your Terminal Type:
    gem install bundler
    gem install sqlite3
    gem install rails --version=4.0.2
    rails -v
  4. Thats all!! Please comment below if you faced any issues.

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